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Electronic Dog Collar

To get the Peace of Mind that your dog is well while you are away, Bio-Sense's collar lets you monitor the dog and its surroundings remotely. Its collar notifies the owner, via SMS or a voice call, once threat barks are sounded or whether the dog left a certain perimter that was pre-defined (using GPS technology). Since the Collar has a cellphone integrated inside, all communications to the owner are carried through the cellular network.

Operating the collar is easy. There is an on/off button on the device, which is the size of a matchbox. The device itself is put in an small rugged case that slips on to the collar. Once the product is purchased, the owner activates it by going online, and specifying his number and contact details for messages. Also online is the activity monitoring information and the location maps that carry the GPS data.

Compared to other products on the market, Bio-Sense offers the richest feature set. Much more than locating a lost dog, the combination of bark and activity level monitoring give you a complete picture of your dog's activity and well-being while you are away and serve to protect the dog and house in case something goes wrong.

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